AMONnet is a network of AMON detectors observing a night sky in UV light. AMON detector is designed to be small and flexible, to monitor night-time airglow UV light produced by upper atmosphere of the Earth.

The scientific objective of the project is a study of night-time UV emmision of sky. AMONnet provide a data for the studies of airglow production, to observe geographical, seasonal and night variations of airglow intensities. AMONnet data are used to make estimation of ionospheric disturbances visibility in UV night sky emisions, especially during active years of the solar cycle.

Detector AMON : Airglow MONitor
- Optical sensor : Hamamatsu µPMT H124-00-01
- bandpass filter Thorlabs BG3
- narrow collimator with geometrical factor 3,45.10^-6 cm^2 sr
- due to spectral characteristics of µPMT from and BG3 filter, approx. 70% of observed airglow light is in the 300-400 nm wavelength range
- photons are acquired during the 1s period and subsequently converted to ADC counts
- AMON is waterproof with weight 575 grams and dimensions 110 x 75 x 57 mm

The complementary sensors in detector are thermometer, barometer, luxmeter and GPS sensor.

Currently AMONnet consist from 4 stations :
- Lomnicky stit, Slovakia, AMON SN01
- Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de San Pedro Martir, Mexico, AMON SN02
- Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos, La Palma, AMON SN03
- Position near Stockholm, Sweden

We acknowledge Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de San Pedro Martir, Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos, and Stefan Aminneborg for providing oportunity to install and operate AMON detectors at their scientific facilities.

Note : SN01 and SN04 detectors are callibrated in march 2018.

Data ara available for those ranges
- SN01 since february 2017
- SN02 since september 2017
- SN03 since september 2017
- SN04 since may 2017

Data visualisation:

AMONviewer offer two modes to look at measured data

- Compare view
- Detail view

Compare view allow to compare daily measurements for selected station. Next figure show example of measurements from AMON SN02 (Mexico) station comparing 8 night from 11.february 2018 till 18. february 2018.

Another example of compare view is presented in the next figure. Figure show 8 night from AMON SN03 (La Palma) measurements from 11.february 2018 till 18. february 2018.

Detail view visualise longer periods of AMONnet measurements. The color code show measurements when Sun is more than 18 degrees under the local horizon (dark blue color). The moon zenith angle is also shown (light blue color).